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about us

Automated advertising solutions work effectively only if ad serving systems’ decisions can be made in real time and based on accurate data. DataMe’s databases support the online advertising market by filling the gap of missing data in terms of Hungarian Internet users. Data is essential in order to deliver the right advertisement to the right user in an automated way.

data providers:

Number of participating URLs
Number of identifiers in different segments
Number of unique identifiers


While content providers can gain new source of revenue by using and selling their data in a conscious way, agencies and advertisers can reach their target audience effectively due to large databases including accurate user data. Data and privacy protection is important for DataMe, therefore its engine does not collect and use any personal data.


Effective and accurate targeting to reach users; Flexible and personalized target grouping according to unique needs; Campaigns based on segmented user databases available in DMP (Data Management Platform) / DSP (Demand-Side Platform) systems


Sale of data as a new revenue source; Data provision in a simple and smooth way that does not require development; Data integration based on browsing activity and user databases; Buyer personas in programmatic systems based on user segments


DataMe Interaktív Adatmenedzsment Ltd.

Address: 35 Ugron Gábor Street, 1118 Budapest

E-mail: info@datame.hu